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Our Beliefs


The cornerstone of our beliefs is the covenant that was originally owned by the congregation in Scrooby, England in 1606. It was brought to the New World by our forefathers in Plymouth, Massachusetts. 

We, the Lord's free people, have joyned ourselves into a Church estate, i

in the fellowship of the Gospell, to walke in all his wayes, made known,

or to be made known, according to our best endeavours,

whatsoever it should cost us, the Lord assisting us

Every member of the church owns this covenant, a solemn promise to share in the spiritual journey to which we are called.

There are three core values that are at the center of what we believe at First Congregational Church. These values are faith, freedom and fellowship.


First Congregational Church is a free church. We are not a creedal church with a detailed blueprint of belief. We begin with and build upon the Bible, but we trust the informed conscience of the individual to determine the way he or she will understand and implement Christ's command to love and serve God and neighbor. 


Members have an individual responsibility to discover what God expects of them as they live out their faith day to day. On matters of religious freedom, we ask only that the love of God and humanity, and a discipleship with Jesus Christ, bind our members.

As a group,  we have an interwoven corporate responsibility to ensure that each member has the support he or she needs to continue to grow in faith. Although we may disagree with one another about certain religious beliefs, we maintain an openness to allow individuals to express their viewpoint.

In matters of church operations and administration, FCC is a self-governing church. We adhere to democratic principles of decision-making. We operate under established bylaws, elected boards and committee representatives and make decisions on important church issues through a direct voice or through elected representatives.


We are an independent people but we do not live in isolation. The tie that binds us together is fellowship on all levels. That includes activities and programs within our own church as well and within our local community.

We are members and support the National, Michigan and Southeastern Associations of Congregational Churches. We are proud of our programs, groups, circles and teams within our church as well as our service and outreach to the community, country and world.

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