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Christian Education

Our Board of Christian Education encourages spiritual growth for all ages, from nursery through adulthood. Sunday School is held weekly during the regular Sunday worship service. Our curriculum is designed to encourage children to develop and explore their faith in different ways, depending on their age, interests, and abilities. Youth groups and summer vacation bible school offer our youth opportunities for fellowship and growth outside the Sunday School classroom.



     Sunday School is held weekly during the regular Sunday worship service for all age groups.

     Parents may take their young children directly to church school before attending the worship service at 10:30 am.

     Students in kindergarten through 8th grade attend the first part of the service with their parents and then go to their classes in various areas on the second floor of the church for the remainder of the service.


     In the Covenant Class,under the guidance of the Senior Minister and with the help from the Deacons, eighth grade students explore their faith and commitment to the Church. They learn about the Congregational history and policy and are encouraged to write a faith statement. The class culminates in a ceremony celebrating the students' hard work and, if they choose, entry into Church membership.


     The Pilgrim Fellowship (PF) youth groups provide an opportunity for youth to gather for fun, fellowship, community outreach and spiritual growth in a safe, secure and loving environment. PF meets Sunday evenings.

         The PF groups interact with other Congregational churches at the state level by attending weekend retreats three times a year- fall, winter & spring.


     The Wired Word is a resource designed discussion to look at current events from a Biblical perspective. The topic changes each week and each class is unique. The group meets on Mondays at 7pm in the Youth Room. While there is an article available to review in the office or by email ahead of time, no preparation is required to share in the discussions. To receive the article by email, contact the church office at or call 248-288-2440.

     Other adult education opportunities, including Bible Studies, are announced as they become available throughout the year.

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